Emergency Rule Update

We applaud Governor Scott and his staff for their efforts to keep seniors safe during Hurricane Irma. We also thank Justin Senior, Secretary, AHCA, Molly McKinstry, Deputy Secretary and their entire team for their extraordinary service and volunteer efforts.
We would also like to congratulate every assisted living provider who worked diligently 24/7 to keep more than 99,000 residents safe during the hurricane. Everyone did an outstanding job and we are proud to represent you at the state level.
As the Governor has stated many times, Florida will continue to protect seniors, maintain their trust and the trust of their loved ones, and our ALF providers will continue to provide the best care and services to keep them safe.
We have partnered with AHCA, DOEA, DEP, DOH, the Governor’s staff, and other stakeholders to obtain clarification and possible changes to the recently released emergency rule. Clarifications needed in the rule include:
  • The time-frame to implement the rule;
  • The type and size of generators required;
  • How much of community must be cooled at the required 80°F;
  • Safely maintaining enough fuel on-site; permitting, code enforcement and zoning requirements; and
  • Adding assisted living communities to be added to the priority list with power companies.
AHCA and DOEA are accepting comments, questions, and concerns regarding this rule and should have answers to our concerns within the next day or two. If you would like to voice your concerns, please submit your questions to BHFR@ahca.myflorida.com. 
We will continue to keep you updated on any new developments.