Updated Q&A Regarding Emergency Rule

AHCA and DOEA have provided a link to an updated Q&A document with answers to questions received, a Frequently Asked Questions document regarding requests for a waiver or variance of portions of the rule, and a NEW County Emergency Management Agency Q&A document.

Links to the licensure web pages, as well as DOEA’s website, where these documents are maintained are also provided below. As responses are finalized to the questions and comments received they will be added to the web pages. Please review the pages frequently for updated information.

Read below for changes to Questions and Answers – The answers to the following questions were revised on 10/10/2017:

Question 4 : Will a mobile generator meet the requirements of the rule?
Answer : The rule does not restrict the type of generator required, but it must be installed and maintained at the facility. If the emergency generator used to meet the temperature requirements in the rule also supplies power for life safety and critical equipment, a level 1 generator must be used and the fuel supply and distribution equipment must be protected from debris impact as required by the Florida Building Code.

Question 5 : Can natural gas be used as a fuel source?
Answer : Yes . Piped natural gas is an allowable fuel source under the rule. The plan submitted for review should include fuel information.

Links to documents related to 58AER17-1

Assisted Living Facility Emergency Rule (58AER17-1)

Statutes and rules related to assisted living facilities can be found on AHCA’s Assisted Living Facility webpage or on DOEA’s homepage.

Rule Waiver/Variance FAQs

NEW County EM Q&As added 10/10/2017

Remember, assisted living facility emergency power plans must be submitted to the local emergency management agency and the Department of Elder Affairs at ALFEMP@elderaffairs.org.

You may submit additional questions or comments regarding the emergency rules to: ALFRuleComment@elderaffairs.org or BHFR@ahca.myflorida.com.

We will continue to send updates as they become available.