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Investing in tomorrow’s Leaders

We’re excited to announce an exclusive Senior Living Leadership Program specially designed for FSLA members to advance their careers and gain valuable leadership skills.

Each class is limited to 20 participants.

About Leadership FSLA

This exclusive program has been developed specifically for staff currently employed in a FSLA-member assisted living, memory care or independent living community. The program is based on the targeted growth of individual leaders with the conviction and belief that their community will also benefit from this comprehensive leadership training.

We know staff are the foundation for building effective teams that enable communities to focus on quality outcomes, care initiatives, character building and effective leadership. The program’s sessions will utilize a variety of learning methods and tools, combining self-awareness, other awareness, and the application of leadership principles and observable benefits to the organization where the leader is employed.


Topics are designed to focus on broad areas of development critical to organizational leaders and incorporate numerous specific leadership skills.

Examples of the session topics include:

  • Developing the 12 Steps of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,
  • Leading Change Management,
  • Innovation and Creativity – Critical for Relevance and Success,
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Quotient (EQ),
  • Building a Great Team by optimizing strengths and personalities for a productive and satisfactory team experience,
  • Effective Communications (e.g., email, face to face, social media), and
  • Managing Effective Meetings and Useful Public Speaking skills.

During Leadership FSLA, students will have the opportunity to develop and master their leadership skills by:

  • Attending four day-long in-person educational sessions. Each session will last at least 5 hours, and will occur in conjunction with key FSLA events;
  • Participating in two meetings in a community setting, including tours and operational highlights;
  • Joining several Zoom gatherings for networking and book discussions;
  • Meeting guest experts who will share their knowledge and expertise;
  • Learning from coaches/mentors who will assist participants during the leadership program; and
  • Receiving supplies including the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, a leadership book, and much more.

2022 Schedule

The Inaugural Class of Leadership FSLA kicks off on Tuesday, July 6 in conjunction with FSLA’s 2022 Senior Living Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. Other sessions will be held in different locations throughout the state. The leadership program will conclude with a graduation ceremony be during the July 2023 FSLA Senior Living Conference in Boca Raton.

Key events include:

  • Commencement: July 6, 2022, during FSLA Conference in Orlando
  • Session 1: October 2022, during FSLA board meeting at a community
  • Session 2: January 2023, during FSLA Legislative Days in Tallahassee
  • Session 3: May 2023, held at a FSLA member community
  • Session 4 and Graduation: July 2023 at FSLA Conference in Boca Raton

During the course, students will be required to:

  • Attend the in-person and online sessions,
  • Read a leadership book chosen by the facilitator,
  • Participate in a “personality”/leadership-style assessment,
  • Review and resolve problems from AHCA community surveys, and
  • Recognize a current problem in their community and develop solutions.

After attending this program, students will:

  • Develop and increase their personal leadership skills,
  • Master critical thinking skills,
  • Increase self-awareness techniques,
  • Develop effective communication skills,
  • Optimize their strengths and personality to create a successful team, and
  • Explore innovative and creative best practices.

Cost: $2,000 per participant

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