ALF Resource Guidebook

Florida Senior Living Association is your regulatory resource for all the major regulations you need to operate an assisted living community. We have developed a comprehensive resource guide to be used as your go-to reference tool.

It contains the most up-to-date regulatory information including statutes and rules necessary to operate an ALF in Florida. It also contains sample forms and links necessary for the day-to-day operation.

Assisted living regulations, rules and forms are always changing. Stay up to date with these changes by downloading or purchasing a hard copy of the FSLA Assisted Living Resource Guide.

Check back frequently for alerts to revised sections as changes occur. Each section will be available for download or you can purchase the entire guide again.

Assisted Living Guidebook

(Current through January 30, 2019)

FSLA ALF Administrator Guide (approximately 530 pages)

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Download the FSLA ALF Administrator Guide

Individual sections available for download

(Current through December 1, 2018 unless otherwise noted)

AHCA Regulations

Chapter 408, Part II, F.S (Health Care Licensing: General Provisions) (approximately 22 pages) ~ Updated January 30, 2019
Rule Chapter 59A-35, FAC (Health Care Licensing Procedures) (approximately 13 pages)
Rule Chapter 59A-36, FAC (AHCA Surveyor Standards for Residents Rights) (approximately 2 pages)
Chapter 419, F.S. (Community Residential Homes) (approximately 4 pages)
Chapter 435, F.S. (Background Screening) (approximately 12 pages)

DOEA Regulations

Chapter 429, Part I, F.S. (Assisted Living Facilities) and Section 429.905, F.S. (Adult Day Care Center Exemptions) (approximately 52 pages)
Rule Chapter 58-5, FAC (Assisted Living Facilities) (approximately 57 pages)

DOH Regulations

Rule Chapter 64E-11, FAC (Food Hygiene) (approximately 19 pages)
Rule Chapter 64E-12, FAC (Community Based Residential Facilities)(approximately 10 pages)
Rule Chapter 64E-16, FAC (Biomedical Waste) (approximately 14 pages)
Chapter 464, F.S. (Nursing) (approximately 44 pages)
U.S. FDA Food Code 2013 Sections Specific to 64E-11, FAC (approximately 189 pages)

DCF Regulations

Chapter 415, F.S (Adult Protective Services) (approximately 22 pages)

Florida Building Code

Rule Chapter 61G20-1, FBC (Florida Building Code Adopted) and

Chapter 4, Section 464, FBC (Assisted Living Facilities) (approximately 6 pages)

Fire Marshal or Local Authority Having Jurisdiction

Uniform Fire Safety Standards for Assisted Living Facilities (Rule Chapter 69A-40, F.A.C.)(approximately 6 pages)

Important Links

Documents & Links Incorporated in Rule

AHCA Assisted Living Unit (licensing documents and requirements)

Do Not Resuscitate Orders (Must be printed on YELLOW paper)

Application for Sanitation Certificate Form DH 4086 02/18

Food Code – U.S. Public Health Service

AHCA Hotline Poster (scroll down to Nursing Home Links and click on “Hotline Poster”)

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Residents’ Rights Poster (towards bottom of webpage)

Choose My Plate

Food Service Establishment Plan Review Form DH8003-DCHP-02/2018

USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010

Useful Resources

AHCA ALF Aspen State Regulation Set – select “Assisted Living Facility”

AHCA Top Ten Deficiencies – click on report name for the most current year under “Facility Surveys – Most Frequently Cited Health and Life Safety Deficiencies”

Background Screening Clearinghouse Portal